Singapore in less than $7


Yeah, you read it right.

No kidding. I only spent $7 SGD for a day in Singapore. I had lunch, dinner and some sightseeing. Curious? Read on.

Last July 2008, on my way to the World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, I had a layover in Singapore. Instead of just bumming around and exploring the nice Changi airport, my WYD mates and I decided to take a peek at the city, even just for a few hours.

Turns out, there is a free shuttle from the airport to the city if you have a layover for at least 6 hours. Free transportation? Check!

On the way to the city, we also made some stopovers. My favorite was the newly built Singapore flyer. We were able to go down the shuttle and have a closer look. Yipeee!

When we reached the Suntec City Mall, we learned that it was the Food Festival Week so all tourists with layover get free meal samplers. I got some spicy noodles and shrimp. Tastes quite good!

We wanted to explore more, this time we had to pay for our train tickets. We went to Chijmes and hung out for a while there. Love the vibe of that place. Very chill and casual.

It even had good architectural design. I couldn’t resist and took some shots.

The view at night was even better!

By this time, I also bought water (we all need to be hydrated) and we had to meet one of my WYD mate’s friend for dinner so took the train again. I forgot where we had dinner..all I could remember was yummy roti bread and curry. I was a bit worried on how much we spent because we ate a lot, but surprisingly, their friend treated us to dinner!!! How lucky can we get?!?!

After that, we rode the free shuttle back to the airport and waited for a few more hours before our flight to Sydney. I remember we were so thrilled that we just spent so little exploring the city! Which led us to a Charles & Keith shopping spree haha. (Ok, that’s not counted in the official list of expenses..)

I’m glad I met these 2 girls – Tzie and Jo..although I can’t find them on FB and lost my contact with them, I had a great time traveling with them!

I still get a kick when I think of this trip because of how lucky and cool it was to be able to do those things without spending so much. Back then I didn’t really know the joys of backpacking, but I guess I had a feeling then that there are ways to enjoy and travel without splurging so much. You just have to be creative and resourceful enough. xoxo

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